The new Actros

The new dimension for more profitability and transparence in the fleet

At Mercedes-Benz Finance, our aim is simple: to deliver an unparalleled level of service to each and every one of our customers. This applies equally whether you’re a business owner operating a single commercial vehicle, or a main fleet buyer responsible for a large number of vehicles. So as well as offering a superb range of high quality commercial vehicles, we also bring you the perfect financing arrangement. We can also provide you with a service plan that’ll keep your fleet running smoothly and cost effectively for years to come.

All of our dealerships have dedicated Finance Specialists. With their extensive knowledge they can talk you through all aspects of finance and Service Contracts, ensuring you get exactly the solution your business needs. The most widely-used finance arrangement for commercial vehicles is Contract Hire, and there are many other options available to suit your requirements. If you’re considering ownership, you can select Hire Purchase or our Agility scheme.

Or perhaps a lease would be more suitable. If you want the use of high quality vehicles for your business, but you don’t want to spend too much of your capital in acquiring them, an Operating Lease or Finance Lease might be what you’re looking for. We can also provide Service Contracts which are designed to help you keep your vehicles running with maximum cost-efficiency. We’ll take care of all the repairs and maintenance you require for a fixed monthly sum, which means any variable and unforeseen running costs simply disappear.

Contract Hire can be seen as a combination of an operating lease, plus repair and maintenance agreement, all arranged into one simple monthly payment. It requires no capital investment and the vehicle is not shown on your balance sheet. Instead of owning the vehicle or vehicles, you hire them for a fixed period, usually three to five years, for a fixed monthly fee. This fee is based on the difference between the initial value of the vehicles and their projected value at the end of the agreement. So you only repay a portion of the vehicle’s costs – good news for your cash flow.

With a Contract Hire agreement, you avoid any concerns about the future value of your vehicle – at the end of your agreement you simply hand it back.

Mercedes-Benz Contract Hire – the business benefits.

  • Throughout the life of the arrangement, you’ll know exactly what your outgoings are every month
  • Benefits to choosing Mercedes-Benz Finance Contract Hire include fixed costs for running your vehicle or fleet, outsourced administration and management and additional credit lines
  • With Contract Hire you can choose from a variety of options to complement the basic operating lease. Typically a Contract Hire agreement would cover all scheduled maintenance, all necessary repairs including brake pads and clutches and 24-hour roadside assistance 365 days a year
  • Depending on what suits you and your business, you can also add items such as replacement vehicle in the event of breakdown, tyre replacements, maintenance for vehicle equipment, collection and delivery of vehicles for scheduled maintenance, out of hours servicing and much more